Month: Jan 2016

An unreported defeat? Scholars believe that Zerah the Ethiopian (14:9), who suffered a humiliating defeat by King Asa, may have been fighting on behalf of Egypt. There is no record of the battle in Egyptian history, but that does not mean the defeat did not occur, since the Pharaohs did not always record their defeats.
The title of chief prince (11:22–23) was most likely an administrative position. Members of the royal family were sometimes appointed to such positions to help them learn how to lead a kingdom.
Second Chronicles covers a span of more than 400 years and the reigns of 20 different kings.
Which took longer to build: Solomon’s palace, or the temple? Although Solomon spent seven years building the temple, he spent 13 years building his own palace (8:1; 1 Kings 6:38; 7:1). This may have been an early sign that he was more devoted to his own causes than to the Lord.
Trumpets were important instruments in Israel (7:6). They were constructed from metals such as bronze, copper, silver, or gold. They were used for a variety of purposes, for instance, to gather the congregation and to announce festivals.
What was the “sea” in the temple court? The sea (4:2) was a bronze water tank outside the southeast corner of the temple. The priests used it for ceremonial washing before entering the temple and to clean the area where sacrifices were made. It held at least 12,000 gallons (55,000 liters) of water.
Why did the pillars of the temple have names? Jachin means “he establishes,” while Boaz means “in him is strength” (3:17). The names may have been a way of reminding worshipers that the Lord establishes his covenant through the temple.