Month: Apr 2016

How often does the NT quote from the Psalms? Of all the OT books, the Psalms and Isaiah are by far the two most widely quoted in the NT.
What are royal psalms? Royal psalms (e.g., 18)emphasize God’s promise to David that he would have an eternal kingdom (2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17). David and his descendants are called to bless Israel and the nations of the world. Some of these psalms are praises, some are thanksgivings, and some are confessions of sin. The promises to David point to the Messiah, the ultimate heir of David.
Are the Psalms poetry? The Psalms often reflect the feelings or emotions of the person who wrote the psalm. The book of Psalms includes poetry that covers all kinds of emotional feelings and experiences, from anguish and sorrow to great joy and thanksgiving.
What defined someone as an “enemy” of the people of Israel? The “enemies” mentioned in the Psalms (e.g., 18:17) were people hostile to the faith of God’s people. Sometimes they expressed their hatred by physically attacking the people of Israel, while other times they merely rejoiced when Israel faced misfortunes.
What is parallelism? Parallelism is one of the main features of Hebrew poetry. All 150 Psalms include parallelism. Typically, the main lines in a psalm are followed by secondary lines that either repeat or expand upon an idea in the main line.
How many of the Psalms were written by David? David is the author of about half of the Psalms. Other authors include Asaph, Solomon, Moses, and the sons of Korah.
What is a psalm of lament? The main purpose of a psalm of lament is to tell the Lord about a difficult situation, to ask him for his help, and to praise him for helping. Some laments are community, congregational psalms. Others are individual, personal laments. One third of all the Psalms are psalms of lament.