Meaning of the word CHURCH

Church in English means assembly of people called out for a genuine purpose to desperate from the world and to be in the mind of God.

Church is derived from Greek word which means belonging to Lord. The Hebrew word Gahal means just an simple assembly translated in Septuagint as Ecclesia, which can be any assembly. The Greek word eccelesia means assembly in a political sence. In New Testament the Greek word is used for called out people I.e., kalew to call and Ek out of, which is very secular meaning of that assembly.

New Testament records the character or nature of the group assembled and their focused reason that draw that particular assembly together.

Acts 19:39,41 – This was the assembly of Heathen’s gathered for political purpose.

Acts 7:38 – This was the group of Isralites assembled to receive Gods law through Moses.

Ephesians 1:22-23 – Here the assembly is Church the Christs body.

Romans 16:5 ; 1 Cor 16:19 ; Colossians 4:15 ; Philemon 2 – Here the group of people were local house Church assembly.

CPBC college notes,
Systematic Theology by Henri Thessen

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