1 Chronicles

David reigned for 40 years. He ruled over Judah for 7 years in Hebron, and then over all twelve tribes for 33 years in Jerusalem (29:27).
What is a lyre? The lyre (25:3) is a triangular stringed musical instrument, with anywhere from 3 to 12 strings. It is held like a guitar and strummed with either the fingers or a pick.
New job descriptions for the Levites. For nearly 500 years a specific group of Levites had taken care of the portable tabernacle and its furniture, including the ark. Whenever the tabernacle was moved, each Levite had a specific job to do. Now that there would be a permanent temple, David gave new instructions to these faithful workers.
Why did ancient kings go to war in the spring? In Palestine, crops such as barley and wheat were harvested in the spring. An invading army could live off harvested grains.
King David is the main character in 1 Chronicles. The writer presents a very positive picture of him, leaving out many of the tragic details of his life that the writer of 2 Samuel describes.
How does Chronicles differ from Samuel and Kings? The books of 1–2 Samuel and 1–2 Kings show that the Lord drove Israel and Judah from their land because of their sin. The books of 1–2 Chronicles agree that Israel sinned and suffered exile as a result. They also show that God still had a purpose for his people.
Why couldn’t the ark be carried on an oxcart? The Lord had commanded that the ark should be carried with long poles (Ex. 25:12–15). Transporting the ark on an oxcart instead demonstrated a lack of reverence for this representation of God’s presence. When the oxen stumbled, Uzzah touched the ark to steady it, and the Lord struck him dead. Even those whose job it was to carry the ark were forbidden to touch it (Num. 4:15).