2 Samuel

Regicide is the act of murdering a king. In most cases, a person who killed a king was trying to place himself on the throne.
Geshur was a border town between the nation of Israel and Aram to the north. David’s wife and Absalom’s mother, Maacah, was from this city, which may explain why Absalom fled there.
Why did Tamar not want to be sent away? Although Amnon raped her, Tamar knew that the Mosaic Law said he must now marry her or pay damages for what he had done. Though she told her father David what had happened, he did nothing to punish Amnon (13:20-22). Both Amnon and David ignored God’s standards in this sad episode.
David’s disobedience. David broke three of the Ten Commandments in his relationship with Bath­sheba. He broke the tenth commandment by coveting another man’s wife, then the seventh commandment by committing adultery. He broke the sixth commandment by arranging the death of Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah.
Sexual activity while on military duty was expressly forbidden by law in ancient Israel. It brought about ritual impurity and therefore forced a soldier to undergo purification rituals. This would prevent him from performing his military duty.
Hamstringing horses (8:4) was a practice used by victorious armies to ensure that their enemy’s horses could not be used in battle again. It involved severing the leg tendon on the horse so that it could not gallop. Though it was a cruel act, many of the horses could still be used for farming.
Building a house for gods was a common thing for a king or leader to do in the ancient Near East. David’s desire to build a temple for the Lord (7:6–7) may have been influenced by this tradition. Ultimately, however, the temple was built only because the Lord directed that David’s son Solomon “shall build a house for my name” (7:13).